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News of program, Wisdom of the Great » Suspended Coffee from Tonino Guerra

9 October 2013 | Views: 1411
Suspended Coffee from Tonino Guerra Tonino Guerra (1920 -2012) an Italian poet, writer and screenwriter. The author of more than a hundred of movies, many of which belong to the golden fund of the world cinema: Marriage Italian-Style, Blow-Up, Zabriskie Point, Amarcord, And the Ship Sails On, Ginger and Fred and others. The winner of two Oscars and three Golden Lions, the holder of six nominations at the Cannes Film Festival and two Donatello awards.

Being twenty-year-old, he got to the German concentration camp, where, despite everything, on the verge of life and death he wrote verses and remembered them by heart, since he had neither paper, nor a pencil. These verses brought Guerra to the cinema years later. The troubles of life did not break this bright person; he has lived a long and interesting life, creating a sunny world around himself.

At one of his last visits to Moscow, giving the interview for a radio station, the film writer told the following story:

News of program » CNT Marathon Rush for Points

7 October 2013 | Views: 1164
CNT Marathon  Rush for Points The first difficult weeks of the new academic year, when fingers are all thumb and it is difficult to get into the swing of things, have passed already. All children accustomed themselves to lessons and now it is possible to increase academic assignment.

That is why 8-month courses for CNT preparation are started from October, which organized by Saby Foundation for school leavers from boarding schools of Almaty annually. These trainings require from the future graduates a great diligence and efficiency, because besides attendance of the educational center 2-3 times a week, they have to do their homework. And lessons at school are not cancelled.

News of program, History of success » Qajimuqan legendary wrestler Kazakh steppes

18 September 2013 | Views: 1420
Qajimuqan  legendary wrestler Kazakh steppes Qajimuqan (Mukan) Munaytpasov (1871 1948) is famous as the strongest Islamic wrestler in the world of sport battles. His name is connected with the development of physical culture and sport in Kazakhstan in the XX century and, specifically, with the development of Greco-Roman (French) wrestling. He was the one person, who could penetrate to the international arena and fame not only himself but his people on sport grounds of different countries of the world.

Biography is written in Russian.

News of program » My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry

4 September 2013 | Views: 1233
My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry There are especial moments in the work of our Foundation, which we want to share with you, our friend.

One of such events is the publication of the young poets book of poems, who write in the Kazakh language. This book contains selected writings of the most talented young people, who take part in the Annual Poetic Competition, organized by Saby Foundation. As well as the creative competition its final printed publication have became the traditional one.

New book My Heart Is Hovering on the Wings of Poetry as a beloved child, we open the pages of the book tremblingly, which we so long and carefully worked at. Each letter, each sign is not occasional here: intricate interlacements of national ornaments and modern symbols bear the idea of inviolacy of times, but the necessity of alterations; unity of people, but differences of generations. The young writers write exactly about it in their works, which are full of real significance, patriotism and kindness.

News of program » Our Congratulations with onstitution Day, Dear Kazakhstani!

29 August 2013 | Views: 171
Our Congratulations with onstitution Day, Dear Kazakhstani! New edition of the Constitution of independent Kazakhstan was accepted on the National Referendum on August 30, 1995. This significant event is the important milestone for the country, which indicated the way of development. The day became one of the favorite and solemnly celebrated state holidays by Kazakhstani people.

The team of Saby Charitable Foundation congratulates all compatriots with the Constitution Day!

Though a lot of goals had been achieved by joint efforts, let the rapid development of Kazakhstan is never slowed.

We wish with all our heart health, happiness, stability and peaceful sky to everybody!