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Questions and answers


Dear friends, you may ask any questions related to Alem Program. We are always ready to answer by phone and via Internet.

How can I contact representatives of Alem Program via Internet?

Representatives of Alem Program are employees of the Saby Charitable Foundation. At present you can use the following contact data:

- Email:
- Twitter:

- Skype: AlemsabyKZ

How can I demonstrate my audio or video records to experts of the Alem Program?
How can I demonstrate my art works (sculptures) to experts of the Alem Program?
How can I demonstrate my photo works to experts of the Alem Program?
How can I demonstrate you my diplomas

One of the most popular methods is to download your audio/video records, photo works, photos of sculptures, scanned copies of diplomas and other documents to any site that suits you video-portal or file-exchange portal. In such a case, in the process of registration at, in accordance with the Rules of Resume filling you will have to specify hyperlinks, where you audio/video records are placed.

How many songs or pictures can I send for evaluation?

The best three of your works will be sufficient for evaluation. If an expert commission considers it necessary to review additional works, we will contact and inform you.

How does the selection commission choose applicants for getting the support under Alem Program of the Saby Charitable Foundation?

Preliminary information on applicants left in the course of registration at web-site is transferred to the selection commission.

If the selection commission is interested in the received materials, then employees of the Alem Program will invite candidates to hold a direct meeting with experts.

Based on the results of a meeting, where a candidate will introduce himself/herself personally to experts, a protocol is prepared, based on which real talents will be able to receive support from the Saby Charitable Foundation.

How does the Kazakhstan youth learn about the Alem Program?

It is very important that young talented people get to know about the Alem Program, even those ones who live in the interiors and outback of the country. Various ways to inform people about the Program have been developed for this purpose. The Fund has arranged its employees to make visits in 17 localities of the country. Information letters have been sent to the regional Departments of Education and directly to the schools around the Kazakhstan. ұғ.kz Republic Magazine regularly publishes advertising announcements. TV Advertisement is running on Khabar and Kazakhstan TV channels.

Is there any time limit for submitting applications?

There is no time limit.

By what categories are Grants awarded?

All categories and nominations available for participation are described here.

What is the maximum Grant value?

The Grant value is to be considered individually. It is necessarily that the appropriateness and feasibility of the budget have to be evaluated for each case. Nevertheless, the Fund is willing to consider all submitted applications.

What are main criteria for the selection of candidates?

The main criteria for the selection of candidates for Grants awarding under the Alem Program is unique abilities, potential, talent, achievements, good school progress or other good educational results. Social status of the candidates will also be considered and taken into account.

What kind of applications will be rejected?

Incorrectly filled-out applications will not be considered. Common mistakes are as follows: Questionnaire is incomplete Bad spelling (mistyping) and grammatical errors Flat resumes Essay volume (number of characters) is insufficient

How long will it take to receive the selection results?

The notification is sent without fail to those participants who have successfully passed selection procedure. It is necessary to regularly within one month check your e-mail which address was used for submitting of application. If you have not been replied, your application has not passed the selection procedure.

Are there any winners already?

Ranks of Alem Program participants extend every year. Many young people from different parts of the country have been awarded with Grants in various nominations.

Are there any contests held in the frame of Alem Program?

Yes, a yearly contest in Kazakh language poetry among children and youth from 7 to 24 has been launched. Applications for the participation in the Kazakh language poetry contest are accepted from January 1 till May 1 inclusive. The main prize is a laptop and the opportunity to obtain a Grant for the study in specialized education institutions.

Could you tell us about the Selection Committee members?

The information on the Selection Committee members is published on this page and is regularly updated during the selection of Alem Program candidates.

Are there any commitments of Grant Receivers to the Fund?

Considering social orientation of the Funds activity, the Grant Receivers do not bear any financial, pledge or other liabilities to the Fund. According to the terms of the Agreement which is signed between the Fund and the Grant Receiver, the latter shall be obliged to work in the Republic of Kazakhstan not less than 7 years after having graduated from the institution.

In case I win and get awarded with an Educational Grant, does it mean that I am automatically enrolled to the education institution I have chosen?

The Fund awards an Educational Grant, i.e. it pays only for study. The acceptance and enrollment to the chosen education institution do not depend on the Fund. You have to solve the entrance issues on your own. In case you fail to enter, the Grant will be cancelled.

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