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News of program » In the Struggle for Grants

21 August 2013 | Views: 1134
[In the Struggle for Grants In advance of the autumn we start the regular calculation of our chickens potential and new participants of the Educational and Alem Projects, who became the possessors of grants from Saby Foundation for the education in higher and secondary educational institutions. Though the season of entrances to universities and colleges is still in full, some results can be presented already now.

It has become obvious once again, that preparatory courses of CNT (common national testing), organized by our Foundation every year from September till May for children from boarding schools of Almaty, showed good results. More than half of school leavers, attending lessons in 2012-2013, received either state educational grants or grants from Akim. We are, certainly, glad at both these school leavers personal successes and the fact that we can, thanks to the saved money, pay for the education of other children, who were not so lucky with state grants, but showed their best qualities and proved their perspective.

News of program » First Steps to The Big Movie

7 August 2013 | Views: 1177
First Steps to The Big Movie Medet Shayakhmetov, our American Alem Participant, who studies at New York Cinema Academy on the grant of Saby Charitable Foundation, with the regular report about his student life has sent several video, which he recently made within the framework of the first year of stage direction education.

It is not full-rate movies, but extracts and some drafts, which has definite objectives. In the first video the author is to show atmosphere, in the second one to introduce music, in the third one to show actors, etc.

Though, there is no professional movie experts among the employees of the Foundation, some video seemed to us interesting and we offer you to see the works of the future Spielberg.

News of program, History of success » Michio Kaku. Simply About Complicated Things

1 August 2013 | Views: 1556
Michio Kaku. Simply About Complicated Things
Michio Kaku (born January 24, 1947 in California, USA) - is an American scientist, expert in the field of theoretical physics. He is known as an active popularizer of science and author of scientific books.

In May of this year he read lecture in Nazarbayev University in Astana. We think that now, when summer holidays are in full swing, you will be interested to read his books, which tells, in a simple and interesting way, about complicated things: science, technics, universe and future. There are many free links on the authors works. We offer you to visit two of them:

News of program » With thanks, your Sab Fund

22 July 2013 | Views: 1112
With thanks, your Sab Fund Peer at figures of daily report on receipts to current account of donations from benefactors, we begin to think constantly that one man allowed time in his undoubtedly tight schedule, came to bank or QIWI payment terminal and transfer money for kindness. He made that simply from the heart do not waiting anything in return. We even cannot extend elementary words of gratitude to this man, you know that the payments arrive without contacts of the sender.

What a pity! We want so much to make acquaintance personally with everyone and say thank you for tender heart and responsiveness, for active life philosophy and doings changing to the good the heavy destinies of other people.

News of program, Wisdom of the Great » Mahatma Gandhi. Wisdom and Philosophy

17 July 2013 | Views: 1484
Mahatma Gandhi. Wisdom and Philosophy Mahatma Gandhi [/b] (1869-1948) one of the leaders and ideologist of the national liberation movement of India. His philosophy of non-violence Satyagraha had an impact on national and international movements of those who supported peaceful changes. He rejected violence in any form. For more than 30 years he persistently preached his philosophy and finally proved the effectiveness of non-violence policy to the whole world when India peacefully gained independence from Britain thanks to Gandhis efforts in 1947.

But a savage struggle broke out between religious groups for the right to dictate their will to the government in the awakening country.

The year of 1947 ended with bitter disappointment for Gandhi. He kept proving the fatuity of violence but nobody seemed to listen to him. In January 1948, in a desperate attempt to stop the interethnic strife Mahatma Gandhi resorted to a hunger strike. He explained his decision this way: Death will become a miraculous escape for me. It is better to die than to be a helpless eyewitness of Indias self-destruction.