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News of program, Wisdom of the Great » The American Nation Leader

12 February 2014 | Views: 1307
The American Nation Leader EMERSON, RALPH WALDO (18031882) the American writer and philosopher, public person, one of the most significant notionalists of the USA. In 1821, he graduated from Harvard where he had got theological education. Some of his poems Brahma, Days, The Snow-Storm and Concord Hymn entered the classics of the American literature.

Ralph Waldo gained the affection of readers in Germany, even exerting his influence on the great philosopher F.Nietzsche.

In Russia, Emerson impressed Leo Tolstoy and other Russian writers greatly. In a number of L. Tolstoys statements in his diaries, letters and articles one can see the similarity of his views with the philosophy of Emerson. Tolstoy had high regard for the American notionalist, calling him the Christian religious writer.

In the second half of the XIXth century, Ralph Waldo Emerson took the place of American nations spiritual leader being vacant after the death of Benjamin Franklin.

News of program, Our Video » Alem Participants Video Hello from New York! (video)

10 February 2014 | Views: 1178
In the last two years the name of Kanat Beisekeyev is famous among advanced young people of Kazakhstan. His exciting reports, made for the famous Internet publications, became popular among connoisseurs of pictorial journalism.

Kanat studies at New York Cinema Academy with the specialization in Photography, his education is possible thanks to the international grant from Saby Foundation, which he won within the framework of the Alem Young Talents Support Program.
In his own video message the young photographer tells about himself and his student life in the USA.

News of program, "Alem" Participants Diaries » Danagul BEREKET, 18 years

22 January 2014 | Views: 1246
Danagul BEREKET, 18 yearsө қ қ қ ң қ ң ұ ң ө . Ө ғ ғ қ ң ү ү . , Ұ-ғ ү ә ққ қң Ә қ ғ ұғ қ үә қ, ғ ө.

ә , ң қңғ ғ ә- ғ Ққ Ұқ , ң . Ққ ң ү ұқ ң ғ қ ғ ғ. ә қғ. ө Ә- Ә- ғ ң ғғ ғ ққ ғ. ұ қ қ қ ә қғ ү . қ, ҚҰ қғ қ Ә- , ғ, қ , Ө. ғ ү қ ү ү қ ә қ ғғ қ. ү ҚҰ ұ, ұңқ әғ ө қ қ, ққ ұ, ққ ұғ .

The streets of southern capital » Street named after G. Mustafin

15 January 2014 | Views: 1264
Street named after G. Mustafin Since 1986 one of the Almaty streets, which is situated on the west from Navoi street and on the north from the First Presidents Park of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was named after Gabiden Mustafin.

Mustafin Gabiden (19021985)

Famous Kazakh theorist of literature Takhavi Akhtanov named Gabiden Mustafin The writer of newborn people. The word revival conforms not only social and cultural shifts which took place in the Kazakh society, it gave us the pleiad of unique and original talents, Gabiden Mustafin belonged to the same pleiad. Powerful wave of spontaneous peoples talents flushed, fading art of nomads, already covered by ash, sparked off as the bright flame.

Gabiden Mustafin, peoples writer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was born on November 26, 1902 in a modest family of a herdsman, he spent his childhood in the overgrown with caragana locality, called Sartobe, at the bottom of Zhauyr-Tau mountain ( presently Telmanovsky district of Karaganda region). The name of this place is translated in the Russian language as yellow bald mountain. The most cheerful impression of his childhood was the rapid and wayward Nura steppe river.

From thousand-verst vastness surrounding steppes his small native land was notable only for the Spassky copper plant, which attracted the inquisitive boys attention.

News of program » Which Names Streets of Almaty Are Called After

15 January 2014 | Views: 58
Which Names Streets of Almaty Are Called After Lets admit that most of citizens of Almaty and, moreover, guests of the south capital, in view of their busyness and rapid rhythm, rarely think of the names of streets where they move daily.

People drive or walk, hurry or promenade, paying no attention to the names entitled to streets, alleyways, avenues and squares. In fact the names belong to distinguished persons who deserved the estimable place in the memory of generations.

Opening the column The streets of southern capital, we want to tell or remind all readers of our website about the persons, who left an imprint on the history of Almaty and Kazakhstan by their remarkable life.